Eric Jacquet - Chairman and CEO

Eric Jacquet has spent his entire career within JACQUET Metals, becoming Chairman in 1994.

A member of the Supervisory Board in 2009 before becoming Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMS SA, he became head of the new entity resulting from the merger of IMS and JACQUET Metals in 2010.

Philippe Goczol - Deputy CEO

Philippe Goczol joined the JACQUET Metals group in 2001 as head of development in charge of deploying the JACQUET model abroad.

Board Director and Managing Director of JACQUET Metals, Philippe Goczol is now Deputy CEO of Jacquet Metal Service.

Thierry Philippe - CFO

Thierry Philippe began his career in an audit firm before becoming finance manager for a number of industrial groups. He joined the Jacquet Metals Finance department in 2005, becoming Chief Financial Officer in 2006.


For 10 years, David Farias has been in charge of the production of clad plates, stainless steels, special steels and methods at Creusot Loire Industrie (Usinor group) then managed the production of Quarto plates.In 2000, he became sales manager for CLI-FAFER (today Industeel) and was appointed Commercial Director in charge of the central commerce and international sales network. He joined Jacquet Metal Service in 2015 as the COO of JACQUET, Quarto and Abraservice brands

Marc Steffen - COO of STAPPERT

Marc Steffen joined STAPPERT in 2007 as Purchasing Director, in the Düsseldorf headquarters. In December 2014, he was in charge of the foreign STAPPERT subsidiaries and was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the brand in January 2016.

Patrick Guien - Organization and Process Director

Patrick Guien joined JACQUET in 1989 as IT Manager in order to develop the IT system deployed throughout the Group’s brands.